About The Artist

Time does not exist for visual memories; images that captured me in my youth still surface in my current work. I am fascinated by the way they continue to inspire me year after year.

Doodling has always been my way to study and visually brainstorm. Some of my best works come from my wandering pencil, pen and brush. So effective is this simple technique that my classroom mantra is, “When in doubt, doodle!”

I enjoy moments of deep concentration as well as frenetic flights of fancy. The only consistency in my way of working is full engagement and excitement in the dance between me and the medium.

Suddenly, I find myself a mature artist with so much more yet to produce. Therefore I declare it is time to allow all my muses to come forth, my energies to merge, my talent, wisdom and energy to unite and run full throttle. I am at the peak of my creativity.

Welcome to my world!

Phyllis Wright grew up in Princeton. She has always been an artist. She credits her mother and father, aunts and uncles for encouraging her to pursue art as a career. She graduated from Carnegie-Mellon with a major in Drawing and Printmaking. Her favorite medium quickly became silk screen printing because of the easy access to color, which she loves.

After graduating she returned to Princeton for 2 years. While working for several local photographers and filmmakers, she decided to satisfy her wanderlust and move to Washington, DC where she had a few friends. This quickly turned into a plethora of freelancing jobs for the Washington Post, JMP productions and other multimedia companies. She continued to make art and find friends and colleagues in Washington and Baltimore. She moved to Baltimore in 1984 for love.

At the urging of a professor at the Maryland Institute, College of Art, Phyllis applied for graduate school in the area. She received a graduate fellowship from The George Washington University thanks to her mentor, Doug Teller. Her years of being assistant to Professor Teller grew into a teaching position that lasted a decade after he retired. At GWU she taught Silkscreen printing, Mixed media and Design. She continued to teach continuing studies at MICA and became very active with Maryland Printmakers, an organization she helped start.

After returning to her hometown in 2003, she continued to look for opportunities to use printmaking studios in the area. She located the Print Center in Branchburg, NJ and Artworks in Trenton where she assisted the director in creating a silkscreen studio and taught a few workshops.  While taking a break from printmaking, she began to paint more frequently and continued a series of images based on her study of mandalas.

Phyllis draws everyday in a journal. Her motto remains, “When in doubt, doodle.” She has exhibited continuously for 30 years and finds pleasure in looking at and making art. She also loves to teach. Her good fortune continues as a teacher at Stuart Country Day School in Princeton.